AI as a Service:
Subscribe to a trained algorithm

Get business value from
state of the art machine learning and
deep learning algorithms

AI as a Service

We make AI and the use of machine and deep learning accessible and easy to use. We do that through our five-step model that capture your trained algorithm in a packaged solution that you subscribe to. When you want to develop och change, we do that, when you want to cancel, we do that.

Our setup with training of algorithm from your data reveals knowledge and insights from your data that not is possible from using standard models and training. It is simply so that we make AI accessible as a service with fixed price and subscription, not by selling hours and projects. This means that we deliver business value from understanding your data.

We are not a traditional data science company, we work with the core of machine and deep learning and makes it accessible and usable.

How it works

Analyze, workshop with client

Design of the training model

Training of the algorithm

Delivery of the results and insights

Subscription on the trained algorithm

Our five step model contains of analyze – design – training – delivery – subscription.

As client you have your master data in place. You copy the data to our data storage where we process it with the trained algorithms to produce knowledge and insights in forms of numbers, graphs, diagrams and visualizations.

You don’t have to bother setting up external access to your own data storage, you just use our data integration framework.


We focus on transactional data like sensors, energy and transportation data

With the growing field of IoT and transactional data we see that the use of AI, and particular machine and deep learning, is needed to be able to work with so large amounts of data. Data is produced with an accelerated speed and volume so the need for industry and company-specific solutions is necessary. The standardized tools and solutions will not be enough for companies with ambitions on making business value from their data.

Our staff has broad experience in various fields, robotics, computer vision, and healthcare, and they have worked with different types of data, transactional data, time-series data, and image data. Our focus is though on transactional data of different types (sensor data, energy data, transport data etc).


Neurolearn is partnering with companies who help their clients get business knowledge from data. Our partners are management and information consultancy agencies who have knowledge of the specific industry domains and customer needs. Neurolearn adds value through deep knowledge of machine and deep learning and the subscription model of the trained algorithms.

As now we have partners in Enfo and Örebro University.

Do you want to get access to the power of state of the art machine and deep learning? Don’t wait to get in contact with us.

Contact us

Helena Söderström, CEO

Helena Söderström, CEO

+46 (0)70-5320081

Our Vision is to make machine learning and deep learning accessible to companies with data analytics needs.

We do that through state-of-the-art machine learning solutions that are tailored and trained with customer data, and Advice on how to approach a data science problem.

Neurolearn was founded 2016. Founders and shareholders are researchers and Örebro university Holding AB. Staff consists of scientists and sales.